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KC_KindleNatalie Hamilton is a writer, translator and lecturer in Translation Technology. She turned her focus to Japanese study while living and working in Japan’s rural Oita Prefecture on the JET Programme. She was awarded a Master of Japanese Translation in 2014, which included a linguistics dissertation entitled Cracking the ON Yomi Code. Her new kanji textbook The Kanji Code is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

I’m ran a free Amazon promotion of The Kanji Code from Saturday 18 – Monday 20 April 2020 so you can #stayhomestudykanji

Sorry! This free promotion has now ended. Thanks for your interest! The Kanji Code ebook is only the cost of a cheap lunch in all regions, so why not buy a copy? Our Amazon and Goodreads reviewers say it’s a bargain at this price.


IMPORTANT: This Amazon promotion is time-sensitive.  It only applies on the dates listed above. So, depending on your timezone it may not be available yet, or the deal may have expired. Always double-check that the price is 0.00 BEFORE you click ‘Buy Now with 1 Click‘!! If you do accidentally buy the book when it’s not free, and you want to return it, skip to the end for what to do.

To understand how the free download process works, I tried it out myself. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, so I wrote up some instructions.


  1.  Go to Amazon in your region and search for ‘Kanji Code’. THIS WORKS BEST ON A DESKTOP COMPUTER.
    USA: Amazon US
    Australia: Amazon AU
    UK: Amazon UK
    Japan: Amazon JA
  2. Click on Kindle Edition if you are taken to the Paperback version.
    Kindle Edition

3. Double check that the price is $0.00!!

4. If it is, click Buy now with 1-Click (it’s on the right on the PC version).
5. If you don’t already have a Kindle or Kindle app on your device, you will be prompted to download one.
6. Select the reader that goes with your device, download and install it.
e.g. if you have a PC, download Kindle for PC. It may take a few minutes to download as it’s a large file.
7. Launch the Kindle reader app. You will be prompted to log in. Use the same credentials as your Amazon account.
8.  Go back to Amazon and click again on Buy now with 1-Click (make sure the price is still displaying as $0.00!!).


9. Select your new Kindle reader app under Deliver to:
10. The ebook will be transferred to your device.
11. Open your Kindle reader. If The Kanji Code doesn’t appear automatically in your list of books, select Tools > Sync and Check for New items


The book will be synced and will appear in the right pane as shown.

12. Double-click on the book to open it.

Tip: You may need to restart your PC or device after downloading the reader.

If you find the book useful, I would really appreciate a short review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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