The Kanji Code

The Kanji Code is an innovative guide to learning the ON readings of kanji and the first major publication by Ocha Press, a small independent publisher of Japanese language resources based in Sydney, Australia. Scroll down for links to our recent virtual book reading and a free kanji lesson!

Virtual Book Reading

If you like Japanese language and culture, then this virtual book reading with Japan-inspired authors Natalie Hamilton and Sarah Dzida is for you. Includes a free mini kanji tutorial! Oct 15, 2020. Recording coming soon. Watch recording

Watch a Kanji Lesson

Improve your Japanese reading skills in 13 minutes by watching this short kanji lesson!
Watch the lesson
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Keisei Moji ・形成文字

At least 80% of the joyo Daily List kanji (常用漢字) fall under this category, where the radical gives a hint to the meaning, and the phonetic gives a hint to the sound. Learn more.

Kanji is a puzzle. You just need to know the pieces.


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